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You are invited to join other Principals, education leaders and teachers

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Melbourne - Thursday 10th August

Sydney - Friday 11th August
Auckland - Monday 14th August

Hear international speakers discuss the latest educational neuroscience research,
how that research has been translated into practical tools for educators
and workshop using the new “Teaching & Learning Toolkit”


What is Educational Neuroscience?

Educational neuroscience explained in simple terms


Stress, Poverty & Learning

The impact of poverty, stress and social disadvantage on the developing brain

Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking

How these 4 elements of language are linked in the brain. What to do when a deficit in one affects the performance of the others 

Movement, Exercise & Learning

The connection between the body and the brain and how it impacts attention and learning

Assessing Evidence of Effectiveness

How to evaluate neuroscience-based educational programs

Value of Reading Aloud 

Why reading aloud is so powerful for emerging readers

Leveraging School Resources for Better Outcomes

How to gain better leverage from all school resources by deploying practices and programs based on educational neuroscience


Improving Learning Capacity for all Students

Is student learning capacity the missing link in education? Learn how to improve learning outcomes for all students across all subjects

"Going to the Educating with Neuroscience 2016 Conference saved our school thousands of dollars by making use of the attendee offers"


Classroom_hands_up-1.jpgHow much more satisfying would it be if teachers found their students were more receptive to the classroom content? 

How much more empowered would teachers feel if their teaching resulted in better student learning?



The Educating with Neuroscience 2017 Conferences are sponsored by
Scientific Learning Corporation, BrainFit Studio, Advance Ed CoThe Social Express and The LearnFast Group